Zine 2TV draft 1.jpg

Old brown box showed black and white
Same shows most every night
One in every home and the dinner’s frozen
Maybe one day I can be on your screen

Oh my, the Hollywood dream
Change my name and move out west
California! Sounds so good in a song
You know the rest
How they string you along

New tube now in color bigger screen more channels
Got sitcoms, sports, and all the news you can handle
Commercial jingles for cola and Pringles (TM) 
Tablets to chew on when your tummy tingles

Watch it every night right after work
Except on Sundays it’s after church
Camped out on the couch with the remote control

A couple of beers and a popcorn bowl

Definition so high we might take flight
Screen so flat and sound just right
Network, satellite, outer space
The luxury earned from winning a race

Amen, Apollo
Hats off to Houston
Relative miracles are just what we’re used to