lyrics by Erik Jarvis 

I. Feel So Good

You know I feel so good 

I’m starting to unwind

I feel so good

and I bet I can tell you why

I feel so free

like I got all my senses charged

got my motors off parole

my vessel pointed at the stars

Feels like I just found a new body

but it was mine all this time

maybe my body likes to hide

This time I’m comin up comin up strong

it’s time to thaw

these frozen little bones

This time I’m heading for the cosmos

you know I’m running everyday

put my heartbeat on display

Take that! I’m comin out comin outside

no need to hide

I’m gonna advertise my scars

no need to fear if they’re alarmed


II. Won’t Fall Down

I want a great big bed in a house I own

not this mattress stack I have overgrown

I want a couple of goats I wanna be my own boss

Gonna grow a fat ‘stache make sure to brush and floss

And every Saturday we can watch the game

the more I gamble the more I pray

Yeah I got 50 down, and the risk, I’ve found,

always brings my knees to the ground

And if I ever do win I'll take my money and leave this town 

And if I have a kid what if he’s a wimp?

Oops, I assumed it’d be a boy and I know that will annoy

my feminist wife for the rest of my life

but maybe she can teach him to run from the fights

And if he ever does stay he’ll take those hits but he won’t fall down

You know we take those hits but we don’t fall down


III. Teach Me to Swim

Take me to the water

to the ferryman

I’m from the prairie, man

teach me to swim

My name is Goliath

I wrecked all your lands

took your daughters’ hands

as brides not limbs

these were civilized whims

Ain’t gonna empty the stones from my pockets

Ain’t gonna live up to righteous men’s lies

I might be a fool and you might find me shocking

But I’ll tell the truth when you look in my eyes

Keep your lips to the wine

& your shooting arm

out of harm

spark that last cigar

Take heed of your leaves

a human that saves your life

as easily could take your life

it’s in the sway of the knife   

And I ain’t gonna empty the stones from my pockets

ain’t gonna get stuck between no debutante's thighs

I might be a fool and you might find me shocking

Cause I’ll spit right back ya I’ll put blood in your eye


IV. Object of Your Pride

You are my mirror

you are my bad dreams

you are the moon I once bathed beneath

You’re the cigarette

you’re the sheets on my bed

you are the singer

that plays in my head

You’re all these things

that mean something to me

make me wanna be/stay alive

let me keep you satisfied

let me be the object of your pride

You are the mustard

you are the lampshade

you are the sidewalk

to the penny arcade

You are the circus

you’re donuts at 2

you’re a bird to the south

and you’re the color blue


V. Keep the Stew 

There outside

the tree by my window starts to wither

Here inside

child bring my robe and slippers

It’s the devil’s wind

gabbles through front room chimney

When you have to bear the chatter 

when your lips turn pink to blue

when your sweater turns to tatters

Oh, I’ll keep the stew hot for you

Let’s be like bears

haven’t you always wanted a cave?

let's be like bears 

so righteously warm and safe 

None of that wind

ever gonna come this way

As you lay your head upon my shoulder

you can see the stars

Signs your dreams are still existing far from where you are

How can I keep from sleeping in? 

I’ll keep the stew hot for you

lyrics by Kelly Marie Musselman 

I. Lady Tuck Me In

Lady tuck me into bed 

Please won’t you tuck me in

Tuck me into my nice warm bed

Don’t let the monsters win

Read me the one about Ella

the one with the bird on her shoulder

the one about the tattered girl

with the cinders and birds on her shoulder

Read me the story of the juniper tree

and the boy who turned into a bird

the one where his head falls off among the apples

into the trunk where he was lured

Tell me the tale of the fitcher’s egg

and the girl who rolled in feathers

the brother-selves aggressive

in the spring wedding weather

The more you tell the more I’ll sprout

the stories are such fertile seeds

“I can be Jack, Jan, and Jill!”

I’ll shout, “I’m not just a boy in blue jeans.”

II. All Day Long

All day long I’m working in this cubicle

in front of my computer

Looking up at all the cubist people

working in this skyscraper

But I can see her tripping down the lane

in her bright white dress

With Rosalie and Jane

and her hair is just a mess

And I could chance upon her dancing in the street

with Rosalie and Jane and white shoes on her feet

And everyday for lunch I eat a turkey sandwich

in front of the computer

Practicing the words in the higher (or perfect) pitch

while working in this skyscraper

And he can see her tripping down the lane

in her long blue dress

With Rosalie and Jane and her hair is just a mess

And he could chance upon her dancing in the street

with Rosalie and Jane and Doc Martens on her feet

Part of my life is so like a box 

But somehow it’s still aaaa wheeel

(Is that what you’ve heard?)

No... that’s how I feel

And so someday soon I’ll throw off my suit and tie

in front of my computer

Cause if I stay in this machine I’ll die

I’ll die working in this skyscraper

And so you’ll see me tripping down the lane

in my polka dot dress

with Rosalie and Jane and my hair is perfect

And you will chance upon me dancing in the street

With Rosalie and Jane and loafers on my feet


III. Sound the Alarm

His hair is like hawkfeathers

damp from spring rainclouds

and it lies over his eyes

to shield him from harm

And he’s freckled and pale

and his nose is so tiny

but it’s our noses that grow

for the rest of our lives.

His elbows wing out as

he scribbles on paper

he’s drawing a portrait

of a horse in mid-throw

And soon he’ll be whistling

once he figures his lips out

and tapping out rhythms

and dreaming of cat-gut

Now he’s list’ning to Schubert

and putting on sneakers

then dodging the twisters

and learning to strum.

He’s been writing love letters

to a political girlie

and slipping from school

to walk home with his sister

And the girl, she’s a catch

but he’s begun to believe

that her kisses are evil

and he knows he’s not cool.

And he’ll figure it out

that she’ll leave him for labrats

but the god-fearing kids

are the ones with the devil.

IV. Loud and Little Bird

Loud and little bird,

stretching tail feathers,

wing feathers,

shouting “it’s here, it’s here, it’s here

it’s finally here!”

from the tinsel-top of that

tree outside.

Loud and little bird,

you can afford to alight and leave

and alight again

and I can afford,

today, to watch you.

Today, I can

eye the caustic crow

taking your place,

mincing along

the filament winter

branches against that

grey and smoky sky.


V. Crawl Inside Your Heart

You might think we're leaving this dry spell for heaven

and you might think our farms are a poor excuse for pavement

and it's too late to change it

and you're too young to start

so just crawl inside your heart.

So you'll first see the shadow of the crow and then the crow

and the ripple on the water and then the stone

and you're too sick to stop it

and you're too shy to call it art

so just crawl inside your heart.

you'd jump rope with the mothers

and start businesses with babies

and you could fall by the wayside

or drop out to be smart

or just crawl inside your heart

you might eat lunch at midnight

and at noon lose a fight

but I'll let you walk beside me

and I'll let you play a part

so just crawl inside my heart