I grew up listening to my parents’ music from the 1960s: Motown, The Beach Boys, The Beatles. Fast cars and young love. Dancing in the street and holding hands. Also Bob Dylan, Joan Baez, Sam Cooke, Jefferson Airplane, Sly & the Family Stone -- all full of so-called “protest songs.”

Many musicians in the 60s and early 70s not only wrote songs condemning the Vietnam War and segregation, but they marched and organized, they took action.

Well if Ferguson wasn’t enough, if Standing Rock wasn’t enough, if Congress’s refusal to fill a Supreme Court seat wasn’t enough for us to take action, by golly, the election of Donald Trump better be enough!

Artists, producers, label execs, venue-owners, bloggers, studio engineers:  THIS IS THE TIME TO STAND UP AND SAY SOMETHING. THIS IS THE TIME TO TAKE ACTION.

Some will say, “it’s not the place of an artist,” to get political. FUCK THAT. What is the point of having a microphone if you don’t have anything to say? It is our duty to speak truth to power. It is our duty to give voice (and AMPLIFICATION) to those without.

So people of the music industry: what are you doing to #Resist ?  

Are you playing benefit shows for Planned Parenthood and ACLU? Are you marching? Are you writing protest songs? Are you calling your representatives?

I want action, I want it now, and I want it PUBLIC. This is not the time to worry about keeping your career and your political beliefs separate. That is no longer a luxury we have (if we ever did at all). The risk is too great, the consequences are too wide-reaching.

Artists, if you are not speaking out, if you are not taking action, I will not buy your records. I will not listen to your music. I will not treat you like an artist, because if you do not have the courage to speak out, then you have no business claiming that title.

Whether it’s in your music, or your social media presence, or your direct political action, I want your #RESISTANCE, and I want it NOW.