Yorick's First-Year Accomplishments

Wow, I started this blog back in October. We had just finished the Rather Unsightly Gentlemen album and I was eager to find an outlet for a release of pride and relief. It's been a little over a year since we released our debut from Michael Everson. Since then we've played many shows, with Mike's band Young Soul Revival, intimate house shows, and mine and Justin's sort of Yorick super-group. We even managed to do a basement performance of Eavesdrop and Elevate with the strings and horns. Anyway, it's been a great year, so I just wanted to share some highlights, as well as a playlist I just put together. Happy 2015! 

peace, love, and music-



* Art, Pie, Music, October First Friday-- Mike and Erik played music, and turned the living room into a small gallery space, featuring art by Jo Murray. Established Yorick as public art and music dwelling. Established Yorick as pie-lovers.

* The Performer EP (Y01) by Mike Everson-- This 5-song set was the first release from Yorick. Produced by Mike & Erik, equipment was minimal and craft was everything. Available for free download here

* Get on Board! Kickstarter-- Organized by Kelly Marie Musselman and Erik. Raised money for digital interface, monitors, a microphone, headphones, and cables. Also funds for Eavesdrop & Elevate session players. Gave a big boost in confidence for our vision, and the necessary foundation to make more albums.

* Eavesdrop & Elevate (Y02) by Erik Jarvis-- A ten-song album featuring Kelly's poetry, and Erik's arrangements. Proved Yorick can make an album with a minimal budget in a basement studio. More importantly, helped create a community of different kinds of musicians and artists. Available for download here

* The Rather Unsightly Gentlemen, or RUGs (Y03)-- Because of the success of the Kickstarter, we were able to help our friends record and mix their debut album free of charge. Features Erik's horn arrangements, Justin's mix mastery. Due out soon... 


Thanks so much for supporting us. We'll be tracking strings for Justin's album this week. Look for that later this spring/summer.